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Hi all,

Due to a Hard Drive issue we have had to move to a fresh install of linux. We have recovered ALL DATA *but* in the process the old version of the ESB code has been lost. This has meant I've had to use the version of ESB that is a work in progress.

On the plus side I have been working towards a more mobile friendly site, so you should see a better layout on the site what ever screen size you have!

If you find a page that looks like its not working properly please let us know if you like but I will be working to get them all fixed.

Posted: 14 Oct 2015
sarahleonard You may notice red boxes in the bottom left of a page, those are indicators that Dave has not finished updating the page. xx
Oct 14th 2015 by sarahleonard
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Recent Updates
Version 6.0.0 ( Jun 16th 2015 )
  • Mobiles
    • Layout: tweaking to fit mobile screens
Version 5.6.2 ( Oct 3rd 2014 )
  • Import
    • New: upload multiple TCX files at the same time.
Version 5.6.1 ( Sep 24th 2014 )
  • Import
    • New: upload multiple FIT files at the same time.
Version 5.6.0 ( Aug 19th 2014 )
  • General
    • New: real time zones
  • Garmin
    • New: TCX import now uses your specified time zone
    • New: FIT file uploader
Version 5.5.6 ( Nov 2nd 2013 )
  • Programmes
    • New: Coaches can generate a PDF of their programmes